Help focus attention on climate action in the 2019 local body elections

Working with Generation Zero, the Common Climate Network has developed a questionnaire that provides a scorecard on each candidates’ views on climate action   We are making it available to any organisation that wants to use it to survey the views of candidates in their local council elections.  Find out if your region is already covered.

We are working with a number of regions to make sure the questionnaire is being run by one central point per region (see list). The results will be published by Generation Zero and you can share the link to promote your local scorecard results.

If your region is not already covered and you would like to run the questionnaire, please email the Common Climate Network to get a copy of the questionnaire for your local body elections and our helpful toolkit. 

If your region is already covered, we are looking for volunteers to help with analysis of the results, from now until 18 September. Let us know if you can help.

Running the questionnaire: Three simple steps

  • Find out who your candidates are: Candidate email contacts will be listed on the website of the council they are running for, or contact the council electoral officer.
  • Send them the questions ASAP. The questions are set up in a Google Form that can be customised for your area.
  • Assess the results using our Scorecard Grading guide. We will be holding Zoom sessions to explain how this works.

You can then promote the results via social media and your local news media – and we will have some tips and tools to help.

To get regular updates, Like the Common Climate Network NZ page on Facebook. We have our first working bee to grade the results on the weekend of 7/8 September.


Author: Catherine Jeffcoat

Wellington-based communications manager.

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