Climate news sources

Guest article by Caroline Eddy

Recently I heard an interview with Greta Thunburg during which she was asked to name the one thing she would like people to do, to address climate change. Her answer was not that we should all get out of our cars or avoid air travel (although I’m sure she would encourage these too!), but rather she urged people to become better informed. We need to know what we’re dealing with to take action most effectively!

If you’re thinking about how to keep up to date, or looking for resources to share with others, the following are some suggested sources of climate news. Of course, this definitely isn’t a comprehensive list – we’d love to hear your recommendations!

For introductory information, The Climate Reality Project is a great place to start. It has clear and simple resources covering the basics of climate change, including a section called Climate 101, as well as fact sheets on different climate related topics, for example, how climate is impacting public health.

If you’re looking for regular news from a global perspective, The Race to Zero Emissions by Akshat Rathi is a really balanced, interesting read. You can sign up for the weekly newsletter on the Quartz website, here. It follows progress in technologies and shifts in politics around the world, looking at the good and the not-so-good in the fight against climate change.

The Guardian does an excellent job of holding governments and corporations to account over environmental issues, and its weekly Green Light email, which focuses on climate change, is definitely worth subscribing to. You can sign up here.

Climate Home News also reports on climate news from around the world, covering the political, economic, social and natural impacts of climate change.

Here at home, Carbon News is a long-standing, comprehensive source of New Zealand news covering government policy, carbon markets and sustainably business.

Other New Zealand media outlets have significantly increased their coverage of climate change over the last year. Stuff’s Quick Save the Planet section was launched late last year and often features stories about the likely impacts around New Zealand.

Newsroom commentator Rod Oram covers climate change with a business focus, looking at changes required across different sectors of the economy. In addition, Newsroom recently launched a new section on its website called GreenRoom focusing on environmental issues, with Eloise Gibson and Marc Daalder providing good coverage.

New Zealand Herald has also stepped up coverage as part of the Covering Climate Now week last month and Jamie Morton is always readable.  

If you’re interested in more specialized coverage of technology, the Clean Technica newsletter comes out daily covering developments in EVs and clean technology with the latest on topics such as batteries, solar panels and storage systems.

And finally, if recent news from the United Nations summit left you feeling despondent about the pace at which nations are tackling the problem, the C40 network is a coalition of major cities around the world that seem to be getting on with the job a bit quicker – it can be heartening to follow their efforts and progress.


Transition to a low carbon future… how will New Zealand do it?

Guest article by Suraya Casey.

Thanks to my friend at Access Radio Taranaki who couldn’t use her ticket, I was lucky to spend 9 and 10 May 2019 at the Just Transition Summit. It was a gathering of politicians, union, business and community leaders to talk about how New Zealand can meet its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets by 2050, in a way that is raises standards of work and life among everyone in our communities.

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