The Common Climate Network is a group of people committed to taking action on climate and supporting that with better messages about climate change. We are mostly Wellington-based, but anyone is welcome to participate throughout New Zealand.

Get in touch with the team via the Contact Form or join the Common Climate Network on Facebook.

Who we are

Alayna Ashby is a Wellington-based project manager with experience in developing processes for change and an interest in connecting people of different ages, politics and life experience to address climate challenges together.

Jo Davidson is a committed environmentalist with a background in systems and process analysis, and enjoys working on the health and biodiversity of urban green spaces and attempting to regenerate her own backyard (attempt being the key word, especially in this weather!).

This site is run by Catherine Jeffcoat. Catherine is a Wellington-based communications manager for the Sustainable Business Council, with experience working on environmental and social issues and an interest in values-based communication.

Catherine has attended the Common Cause values framework training, now provided in New Zealand by The Workshop, and this underpins the goals of this site. This initiative is independent of the Common Cause organisation – but the name is a tribute to the inspiration it provides.

Logo design by Duncan Weich.

Fellow travellers

For the local government project, we are working with Generation Zero, Millions of Mothers, Low Carbon Kāpiti, and All Saints Parish Green Taskforce.

We also keep in touch with the following organisations doing good things:

Get in touch if you want to share ideas via the Contact Form or join the Common Climate Network on Facebook.

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